20 March 2013
20 March 2013,

Who can believe it’s March 2013 already? Time really does fly when you are having fun. So what’s happening in our Leisure Homes world? Firstly at Langham House we are going to change all the light fittings in the Home to become more energy efficient . We are also going to upgrade and increase the capacity of the Heat Pumps that provide all the hot water for the Home. This includes an additional 500 litres of storage capacity and two additional heat pumps to ensure constant hot water. We have also applied for funds to purchase a new double door stainless steel fridge for the catering department and to upgrade our security system from 16 CCTV cameras to 32. Langham House is also most grateful for a large donation of Linen from the Life Hospitals.

At Kennersley Park we are in the process of building a garage to house the dumper and the excursion bus trailer. This should be completed by the end of March. We have also submitted plans to Buffalo City Municipality to increase the dining room on the first and second floors of East Wing. We are also going to change all the lighting in Kennersley Park Home to the energy efficient type to help improve our impact on the environment and reduce our electricity consumption.

In the housing division we are busy upgrading cottages 17 and 57 at present. Cottages 16, 35 and 64 have all been allocated. It was great to see the large attendance at Cafe Del Marc and Denise’s Dinner, the latter having over 90 people at the last function. The Tour bus has been off to he Harbour to see cruise ships, and Michaela’s of Cintsa East recently and plans are afoot for a day trip to Mpongo Park with a picnic lunch. There has still been no news from the department of Social Development about increasing subsidies, which have remained unchanged since 2008. A number of Old Age Homes are facing closure unless the subsidy is increased.

Easter Fast approaches and may I wish you all a blessed and reflective time over this holy period.

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