What type of accommodation is available at Kennersley Park Retirement Village?
Leisure Homes has 152 cottages at Kennersley Park in East London, and therefore has a wide range of designs available to choose from, at different costs. These range in price from R322 000,00 up to R875 000,00. They all offer the comforts of home including a kitchen and bathroom, built-in-cupboards and front and back gardens. The living area and bedrooms are fully carpeted.
When I buy the Life Occupation Rights to a cottage what does it mean?
Purchasing the Life Occupation Rights to a cottage gives you and your spouse the right to live in the cottage until you decide otherwise. You may ask Leisure Homes to sell the cottage at any time you wish. Cottages are normally sold easily as there are long waiting lists for them. In your 1st year of occupation you will receive 90% of the current resale value, 80% in the 2nd and 50% after 5years.
Can I expect a major difference in my lifestyle?
Most new residents don't find the move to a retirement village "life changing". The worries one has about personal security and looking after a large home and garden will disappear. You will be able to continue with whatever activities you are currently involved in. You will still be able to visit the same church and shops and socialize with existing friends plus new ones you will make in the retirement village.
Can my family and friends stay with me in my cottage?
Of course, your family and friends are more than welcome to stay with you overnight or for a few days. Just let Management know in advance so that Security can be advised of their presence. Family and friends are welcome to visit you as often as they like.
Who pays the rates, insurance, etc., in a retirement village?
Your levy includes water, sewage and refuse removal, repairs and maintenance, admin., security, nursing, garden service and insurance on the cottage. Please insure your furniture and clothing etc. yourself. Current levies range from R339.00 to R1075.00 per month.
Does the levy stay the same or will it go up after I move in?
As the charges for the services included in the levy go up, the increases will be passed on to the residents. The levy is always agreed to by the Cottage Residents Committee (whom you elect) and the Management Representative of Kennersley Park.
What happens if I want to travel?
You are free to travel or go away on holiday as often as you like. When you do, you will discover that one of the great advantages of a retirement village is that you need not worry about your home while you are on holiday. If you are going to be away for more than a few days simply let Management know and they will take steps to maintain extra security for your cottage.
Can I bring my pets to live with me?
We understand the strong attachment that many people have with their pets. Our current Life Occupation Rights agreement states the following in regard to pets: "No pets other than an approved bird and/or gold or tropical fish in a bowl or similar container shall be kept within the complex by the Occupant, without the prior written consent of Leisure Homes in terms of the regulations of Leisure Homes."Special permission may be obtained for admission of a small dog or cat subject to regulations laid down and a written undertaking and indemnity by the Life Right Holder. Should you be interested in applying to bring your pet, kindly ask for a copy of the above-mentioned documentation.
Should I get independent and legal advice before moving into a retirement village?
We encourage all prospective residents to get independent advice as this will help you to be certain you have made the right decision. All purchasers of Life Occupation Rights are protected by law in terms of Act 65 of 1988. The Leisure Homes Life Occupation Rights Agreement complies fully with the terms and conditions of Act 65 of 1988.
What happens if my partner dies or I need to move into the Nursing Home for health reasons?
You may stay in your cottage for as long as you like or your health allows it. If you move into the Nursing Home then your cottage may be sold and the proceeds used for whatever you like.
Do I have any say in what goes on in the retirement village?
Yes, of course you do. In terms of Act 65 of 1988 you, as a resident, are entitled to vote or be elected onto a Cottage Residents Committee. The purpose of this Committee is to look after the interests of the residents and to liaise with the Management of Kennersley Park to discuss complaints, suggestions and problems, or any good ideas you may have.
What personal items and furniture can I bring into a retirement cottage?
You are able to furnish the cottage with your own furniture and personal possessions. You have purchased the life rights to the cottage so we want you to feel completely at home, surrounded by the things you love. You can also bring your own pot plants, slips, etc. and garden furniture for the garden area.
What medical facilities are available?
Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day in the Nursing Home and the staff are available to assist in case of an emergency. A Nursing Sister visits cottage residents regularly taking their blood pressure, weighing them, advising on medication, changing dressings and liaising with the resident's doctor if required.
When is the right time for me to move into a retirement village?
Only you can make that choice. Often people get put off making a decision until forced to by a decline in health, a burglary or other negative experience. Most people wish they had done it sooner. Moving into a retirement village gives you the flexibility to travel and live life to its fullest.

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