Kennersley Park Frail Care

Frail Care

Kennersley Park Old Age Home was opened in 1974 by the South African Red Cross Society (Border Region) to cater for the needs of the elderly. In 1994 Leisure Homes for Senior Citizens took over the management of Kennersley Park

Kennersley Park Home is divided into three sections:

  • Bedsitters: – 14
  • West Wing: – 87 (38 Assisted Living; 26 Semi-Frail and 23 Psycho-geriatric beds.)
  • East Wing: – 67 (61 Frail Care and 6 Assisted Living.)

Management of the Home is under the control of the Matron, who in turn reports to the General Manager and Board of Directors.

Application forms are available from Reception in East Wing, Kennersley Park. Alternatively, application forms are available for download on the website.

Matters relating to admission, charges and finance are dealt with at Leisure Homes Reception Office at Kennersley Park, Beacon Bay.

Our Reception Office is open at the following times:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 12midday; 2pm to 3pm (This office is closed over week-ends and public holidays).

Bedsitters and Southwynd rooms are serviced once a week and laundry is done weekly. This is done daily in all other Units.

Visiting hours are not restricted except in our Psycho-geriatric Unit (Westways). Here visiting hours are from 10am to 12midday and in the afternoon from 3pm to 4:30pm. For other times, arrangements are to be made with the Sister in charge of the Unit. Visiting is prohibited in all Units during meal times and after 8pm.

Meal Times:

  • Breakfast: (8am)
  • Morning Tea: (10am)
  • Lunch: (12midday)
  • Afternoon Tea: (3:15pm)
  • Supper: (4:45pm)

All medical matters are under the direct control of the Matron and the Senior Sister.

Available Facilities:

  • Tuckshop
  • Hairdressers
  • Library – with a computer and internet access
  • Church Services
  • Post Office Collection Point
  • Transport

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Kennersley Park Phone number: 043 7025900 or 043 7029521